There’s a reason the phrase “a face for radio” is routinely bandied about. And while we’re being honest, the cliche usually extends to the rest of many radio folks’ physiques. For the past three months, however, Q100 morning show namesake Bert Weiss has crunched his way into being an exception to the radio rule. After 10,000 Q100 listeners signed a petition daring Weiss to appear on the radio station’s heavily hit upon “Guys Without Their Shirts” page, the radio host decided to put his body where his mouth usually streams – on the stations Web site. Weiss’ debut as Q100’s May “Guy Without a Shirt” was posted at 9:10 Monday morning. It would appear that the ladies liked what they saw. Moments later, the massive number of hits on the site by listeners caused the Q100 system to crash for 30 minutes. ~ Atlanta Journal-Constitution 5/3/2005

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