Does Soap or Body Wash Work for Men?

Hard to know if soap or body wash is the best for a man to use. Soap has been around since the first deodorant. Maybe even before that. Body wash o0n the other hand, is more flexible and easy to wash in couples. Strangely, I want to challenge the difference. Try to figure out if soap is superior or body wash. They both clean the body of outside chemicals and dry skin. You don’t need to remind me. I want to do further research on the subject so you and I can determine clean wash material is better in our mental minds. Sounds like something to do for the next 5 minutes anyway. Ok, I wrote some pros and cons for you to see below. Agree or disagree with my final choice.

best smelling body wash for men

The Power of Bar Soap

Square soap always seems to work. Considered the best smelling body wash for men by most men. Soap washes the whole body of dirt, bacteria, fungus, and possibly dandruff. Nowadays, men can choose between sweet bar soap and regular tough bar soap. Personally, the sweet soap is better because it saves you the trouble of having to buy hair wash. Costs are cheap and can encourage you to save money for the next 6 months. Bar soap has been around for ages. Since, the Egyptian times to be more Historic. Bar soap, a dry squared object that turns into soap when applied with a little water. The soap is always around is it not? You can take some of it and put it in your book bag. The soap will stay there for years. A survivor package for long hikes. The outside world can not change the condition of bar soap. Keep it out of the water and your got a long lasting soap. Plus, soap in modern times comes in many different flavors that last. Body wash is good to have, but it doesn’t last all day in the hot Sun. No, it does not. Different types of bar soap are now available for men to use.

As for the cons, soap is not comfortable to use. You feel its hard rock rubbing against you. Want to be clean and get every angle, but the tension gets annoying. So, you skip cleaning your entire body and focus on essentials. Spending more time washing your body with water because you don’t want to deal with the hard rock rubbing on you. I have been there and that’s why I prefer body wash that is a liquid. If I am broke or out of body wash, I would use bar soap to get myself clean. In conclusion, bar soap has its faults just like life.

Body Wash is Great

Body wash is flexible for men. Women want their man to use body wash to get cleaned up. The best smelling body wash for men to get for men who want to impress girlfriend. They also want to wash with them in the shower. The soap comes in many flavors and textures. You can feel sparkles or thin soap. Body wash is very flexible. Use it fast on any part of your body. Most body wash clean your hair without getting stuck like bar soap. Body wash feels very soft also. The hard rock rubbing against your back won’t be there. Feel the comfort each time you head to the shower. To add, body wash is easier to clean from your shower. Probably, did not know that. But, due to body wash being so soft to sue, it can be much easier to wash off the white plate. Saving you time for every bathroom clean you take month to month.

On one hand, body wash does not last long. If there people living in your house, its going to last even shorter. Body wash is somewhat expensive too. You got to get use to mixing water with body wash or find your self buying body wash every two weeks. For this reason, maybe consider not getting body wash for your body.

My Final Decision On the Two

Bar soap would be the final decision of the two. The soap is the most long lasting and useful. Body wash is good to have. But, what happens when the lights go out? Bar soap is a survivor and though it hurts at times to use it still is the best of the two soaps to use. Besides, they have sweet bar soaps now.