What to Eat for a Good Figure, Beautiful Skin?

Stay in shape

The breast is protected by a layer of fat. It needs to be nourished by a proper diet, ensuring fat intake. More or less fat will make the breast bigger or smaller. Among the nutrients needed for breast development, protein plays an important role. A food source with enough protein will make the breasts grow normally. Especially for girls entering puberty, a menu without protein will make breasts fuller development. And women of the age of the bed must also ensure enough protein to not sag, wrinkled. Here are the foods needed for round 1.

Diet for a Good Figure Beautiful Skin


Usually have a crust in which the ingredients are contained, which can promote breast development, especially during puberty. Soybeans, peanuts, almonds contain a rich amount of protein. Almonds, sesame and many other legumes are all good for the chest.


Traditional medicine or loofah is used as a medicine to clear the milk glands and to keep the breast from deforming. Eating regular melon also works to help the breasts are full and full.

Eggs and milk

Foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals … help the round 1 to grow fully, not too big and small. Should regularly eat eggs and milk, every day 1 glass of milk and 1 egg.


High in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Both nutrients are essential for the health of the “mound”. Therefore, fish should be added to the daily diet.

Green vegetables

Diet for a Good Figure Beautiful Skin

Eat a lot of green vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower because they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber.

Vitamins A, C, E are very good antioxidant vitamins, helping to eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body. Antioxidants and fiber also play an important role in protecting the body against cancers, including breast cancer, which is a common disease in women.

Leafy green vegetables also contain high levels of sulforaphan and indols, capable of defeating poisons and carcinogens. To avoid the loss of nutrients, it is advisable to prepare vegetables by boiling.

Bitter melon soup (bitter melon)

Bitter melon has bitter taste. According to Eastern medicine has the effect of detoxifying, cooling liver. Eating bitter melon regularly will help round 2, 3 always slim.

Vegetable broth soup

Next to the appetite, eating vegetable broth helps laxative, clear heat, detoxify, help round 2, 3 always slender.


Usually ground into an avocado smoothie to use, very delicious and nutritious. Avocado contains more glutathione. Glutathione has an extremely necessary use in the metabolism of toxins in the body. Eating avocado helps to cool the liver, detoxify, lower blood fat, helps reduce belly fat very effectively.

Beautiful skin

A smooth, radiant, radiant and healthy skin is the dream of every woman. To be so should regularly eat vegetables, fruits.

Dark green vegetables like spinach (spinach, temple cabbage, spinach), watercress, cabbage contain a lot of essential vitamins for skin such as vitamin A, C, E … rich fiber, effective antioxidant, thereby helping skin rich vitality, against the aging process.

The root contains lots of starch, protein and many other nutrients such as potatoes, yellow sweet potatoes (preferably purple sweet potatoes), carrots, beets or even ginger, turmeric is a food that beautifies the skin. These foods will help the skin stay healthy, against the harmful effects from the environment.

Red, yellow, and citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C, for the body to synthesize collagen. In addition, papaya, grape, pineapple, avocado are also considered good friends of the skin.

With all the necessary nutrients to nourish the skin from deep inside, the group of vegetables and fruits is ranked No. 1 among the beauty foods.

Diet for a Good Figure Beautiful Skin


Contains sulfur, which is an essential substance in the body’s collagen production. In addition, the lipoic acid and taurin in garlic also helps to repair damaged collagen fibers, returning the skin to a smooth and firmer surface.

Black sesame

Black sesame provides many amino acids, omega-3 acids, omega-6 acids, many trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphor. According to traditional medicine, black sesame can strengthen the kidneys, nourish blood, and smooth hair. Middle-aged women who want to rejuvenate the skin can use the following remedy: 200g black sesame, 250g aloe vera, 20ml grape juice. Mix well, drink 2 days / time.

Peanuts (peanut)

Peanuts contain vegetable oil, in addition to vitamins B also lost 2 promote digestion, making you feel more delicious. So, in addition to providing moisture to the skin, peanuts also help the digestive system work better.


A very good source of protein, also rich in Vitamin E helps to fight the harmful effects of sunlight. Vitamin E helps skin moisturize and become smoother.


Egg yolks contain a lot of vitamin E which has natural antioxidant function and protects skin elasticity. Although very good, but should not use too much because it is easy to cause bloating, indigestion.


Is a fruit that works very well for the health and beauty of the body. In tomatoes there are almost all the nutrients that the body needs. It has anti-aging effect, reduces fatigue, helps rejuvenate the skin.


Vegetables rich in vitamin C, zinc, potassium. Eating celery helps the body easily absorb Calcium, diuretic, helps eliminate many toxins in the body that make the skin more smooth.

Lotus root

Contains lots of protein, vitamin C, asparagine. These substances help strengthen the body’s resistance, help the skin smooth.


If the daily diet lacks vitamin A, the skin will be dry and chapped. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is not only good for the eyes, respiratory system and digestive system but also is essential for the recovery of skin cells.

Beef liver

Contains many vitamins, minerals, especially vitamin A, which is good for the skin and vitamin B 12 helps regenerate red blood cells, thereby increasing blood flow to many organs including the skin, making the skin smooth. more membrane.

Deep sea fish oil

Contains many omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, moisturizes the skin.