10 Great Strength Training Methods

Sport is also the most useful dose when your body is tired from stress, due to changing rhythm of life.

Many studies have shown the great effects of sports on health that nothing can match. In particular, sport is the most useful dose when your body is tired from stress, due to changing the rhythm of life. On weekdays, it is necessary to exercise and exercise, during Tet holidays, the practice cannot be ignored.

Benefits of sports

Exercising regularly 30 minutes a day will help strengthen the cardiovascular system, contribute to fighting impotence, regulating body energy and in the long term can slow the aging process, prolong life. Regular exercise makes blood flow easily to all parts of the body, transporting oxygen and other nutrients to nourish cells, creating energy for humans. Regular exercise also increases bone density, making bones stronger and stronger. Sport also helps to reduce blood pressure, reduce the formation of blood clots, reduce the rate of blood sugar, and increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce triglycerides in the blood. Practicing regularly, making sure that strees of humans will increase, help the body avoid fatigue and mental collapse.

Benefits of Sports
Aerobic helps the cardiovascular system to stabilize and circulate blood well.

How long should I practice everyday?

Depending on the weight and age of each person, adjust the exercise time accordingly.

60 minutes / day: Suitable for those who have been exercising for a long time before.

30 minutes / day: This is the ideal time for each day, both effective and practical. Even if you are a beginner, 30 minutes does not make you tired … broken.

20 minutes / day: It is a suitable time for middle-aged and elderly people. You can reduce your risk of heart disease by 30%.

How is it safe to practice?

Always start gently about 5 – 10 minutes before practicing. When the muscles are activated elastic for about 5 minutes, the exercise will be performed. Rest after each exercise for about 5-10 minutes and then continue. Drink more water to make up for the loss of water during exercise.

In Tet days, due to traveling a lot, eating and drinking at the wrong time, resting is not in accordance with biological rhythm … so the risk of fatigue, nervous stress and stress will be very high. To maintain your health, no matter how exciting your spring plans are, keep your workout for 30 minutes every day.

Following, please introduce some simple but effective training methods:

1. Walking

No exercise is as easy as walking. And no sport has many benefits like walking. When walking, the muscles of the feet, calves, buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen, are constantly elastic, which will force the veins to push blood back to the heart, the heart pumping with oxygen to supply cells and digging. discharging toxins. You should walk in a gentle slope or stride fast, regularly so that the effect will be higher. And remember to make the most of your walking time to breathe.

walking - sport brings many benefits
Walking helps provide oxygen to cells.

2. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs not only helps you have solid legs but also burns energy in the form of fat effectively. Climb the stairs for 15 minutes a day (this 15-minute effect is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise).

3. Running

With a pair of soft canvas shoes, you can take advantage of any space to run around or in place. However, it is best to run on straight lines flexible with moderate pace. Keep running habits will make the buttock muscles firm, soft gait, improve respiratory system, excess body fat, ruddy skin.

4. Cycling

Terrain cycling is a popular and popular sport around the world. This sport also brings a lot of health benefits, no less than walking.

5. Practicing yoga

Practicing Yoga
Yoga – this discipline is considered the oldest and most reliable form of exercise in the world

Yoga not only helps muscles stay strong but also creates a state of complete mental well-being. Yoga helps you fight against aging, balance mental state and is an effective way to relax after a hard day’s work. But yoga will only work if you maintain regular exercise. Learn how to breathe in accordance with the main part of the yoga movements. Start by breathing slowly through your nose. Stretch the abdomen as you breathe in, then to the chest and finally the upper part of the lungs. Breathing out is similar, applying the abdomen as you breathe in. Maintain this way of breathing in each different exercise location.

6. Jump rope

It is a perfect full body exercise, not only for strong legs, thighs, and hand muscles, but also for the joints to rotate smoothly. If you have an oversized second round, jumping rope is the best exercise.

7. Swimming

Helps develop muscles comprehensively, reduces fat, stimulates blood circulation.

8. Aerobic

Aerobic is a form of exercise that helps the cardiovascular system to stabilize and withstand, enhance oxygen through the lungs and evenly divide the body through the heart and blood circulation. Along with lively music, combining rhythmic movements, giving you body flexibility, vivacious, refreshing spirit.

9. Weightlifting

This exercise requires the participation of strong muscles. However, when you have formed a habit of weight training, you will find the result is more than expected. The soft fat muscles will quickly be replaced by the beautiful and beautiful muscle lines. Weightlifting is the most effective frame shaping exercise. Moreover, weightlifting also stimulates the body to produce painkillers, which make the mind feel good and happy.

10. Using exercise machine

Exercise on the machine is also very interesting. While the legs are constantly striding, the hands also swing in balance. Waist bandages will help you dissolve fat and tighten your hips and thighs.